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What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are highly skilled and experienced clinicians.

To qualify as a Nurse Practitioner, you are required to complete a clinical masters degree.
Nurse Practitioners are fully autonomous practitioners, meaning they don’t work under the direction of a GP.


They are an important member of the health care team and work alongside GPs, Practice Nurses and Pharmacists.
They can diagnose, order tests, prescribe medications and refer to specialists.

The point of difference is that Nurse Practitioners bring their years of nursing experience and skills with them. Providing holistic patient and whanau centered care.

In the simplest of terms, they are the very best of nursing mixed with medicine.

The number of Nurse Practitioners in New Zealand is growing. Nurse Practitioners can work in any area of health.
So, you can expect to see them in the hospital, primary care clinics and aged care facilities.

We are lucky to have 3 NPs on our team! Vanessa Hannah, Stephanie Walker & Emma Maguire.

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