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Women's Health Procedures

Dr. Ashley Ha is a highly experienced clinician who provides enrolled and casual patients with a variety of gynaecological procedures. This could be a personal choice or a treatment option to treat certain conditions.

You can either self-refer or get your GP/nurse to complete the referral for you.


You may be eligible for subsidy funding, you can find out more information and the pricing for procedures HERE.

Please read before your appointment 



  • IUCD Removal (15min) 

  • IUCD Insertion (30min)       

  • Implant Removal (30min)                                               

  • Implant Insertion (30min)                                                 

  • Implant Removal/Insertion (30min)                                 

  • Pessary sizing (15min)                                                     

  • Pessary Insertion (15min)                                               

  • Pipelle Biopsy (30min)    

You may be eligible for a funded procedure.

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